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the guarantee is extended to 5 years.
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The new 2022 collection comes in 17 different families. Men or women, steel or leather strap, classic or sporty...

There is a wide choice for every taste !

Our history

Rodania was founded in 1930 in the Swiss canton of Bern by Hans Baumgartner.
In the fifties, an international distribution center was set up in Brussels and became the worldwide salespoint.

In 1955 Hans Baumgartner entrusted the international management to a young and dynamic entrepreneur. His name was Manfred Aebi. This Swiss national lived in Belgium with his family.

In 1995 Manfred Aebi bought the company and moved the official seat of Rodania to undertake all the logistic activities from Brussels.

In 2022, the brand was acquired by a Belgian distributor with the aim of relaunching the brand on a solid footing.


Sapphire glass

Known for its remarkable strength (comparable to the one of diamond). Is extremely scratch-resistant and thus an ideal material for watches.


Swiss movement

Rodania is made exclusively with Swiss movements for all its watches.

These movements are essentially made by Ronda and ISA, largely reputed for their superior quality.


Stainless steel

Rodania uses only the better known 316L rust free steel. With a low carbon level to guarantee a high resistance to corrosion.

to guarantee a high resistance to corrosion.


5 years warranty

All the Rodania watches come with a 3 years warranty.

When registered on the brands site, 2 additional years are offered.

Our models